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James - dental implant patient
"I Used To Hide My Smile, Now I Feel Confident Due To My Dental Implants."

I was very embarrassed about my teeth, and my parents thought that I would lose my teeth playing ice hockey as most ice hockey players did lose their teeth. My earlier life was having to smile and I avoided smiling because of the crooked teeth and cracked teeth but having come to Dr. Landy, she explained the procedure very well. I was very comfortable with it. I explored myself the idea of implants and was quite pleased that I was introduced to Dr. Landy by my general dentist.

I was very embarrassed about my teeth, and my parents thought that I would lose my teeth playing ice hockey as most ice hockey players did lose their teeth.

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Dr. Jewel Landy:

When James, came to our practice, he had a bad tooth on the front. What we did, we extracted that tooth for him and we placed an implant. In the intermediate, he wore a denture. I don’t always do it like that anymore, but at that particular time, 15 years ago, that’s what we did. James still has that same implant today and we have done 4 more implants for him over the years.


I did have one of my front teeth break off and so it was at that point there was no way that it was going to be repaired and it needed to be replaced and implant was the way to go. I played a role in computer sales and was in front of customers making presentations, dealing one-on-one with people. So, therefore, there wasn’t much room to hide. So, I would put my hand up in front of my face or lower my face and not look people directly in the eye. And I would do the same socially at social events being very aware that whenever I smiled, there was always that thought that people were looking at my teeth and not me and I’m thinking how bad it looked. It’s just a comfortable feeling that everything is going to be handled well. The doctor made me feel comfortable when she greeted me. People talk about dental experiences not being comfortable. It’s exactly the opposite here. It’s all comfort. There’s no question about it.

Dr. Jewel Landy:

He does not worry about a thing. He walks into the office, and now he says, “Dr. Landy, make sure I look good,” and that’s all we do. So, what we do, he leaves it in our hands. We just make sure that when he shows up to go play his golf game, he is showing up looking presentable.


People make comments about how good my front teeth were because they remember what it used to be like also. And so they see me smile and in fact, it was only yesterday I was in my office again, and one of the girls in the office had asked me about dental implants. I could not more highly recommend Dr. Landy, than giving her Dr. Landy’s phone number and contacts and said give her a call and I’ll let her know that you’re going to be a new patient of hers.

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