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The Main Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment For Your Child

Children Deserve a Joyful Smile Experience

At ReNew Dental Care, our team is committed to delivering the highest quality family dental care with exceptional service—starting in childhood. We’re passionate about providing conservative and gentle dental care, and we specialize in a holistic approach to family dentistry. As a parent, you play an integral role in helping your child to establish and maintain great oral hygiene habits, and our team feels privileged to help in this process. Preventive care, including proper oral hygiene at home and biannual exams and cleanings, is key to keeping your child’s teeth healthy and cavity-free. Although both of our dentists provide family dentistry services, Dr. Yvonne Chirimuta has a soft spot in her heart for working with young children and special needs patients. Our team is here to help you teach your child good oral health habits, and to provide compassionate pediatric dentistry in Hamilton, Bermuda targeted at helping them maintain a healthy, joyful smile for life!

What to Expect at Your Child’s Dental Visits

An optimal time for an initial dental visit is when your child’s first tooth erupts, which is typically no later than their first birthday. At their first dental exam, our primary goal is to get to know you and your child. Positive early dental experiences can help prevent children from experiencing dental fear and anxiety as they grow up. We strive to make every aspect of your child’s dental visits enjoyable, so they will look forward to visiting us. Since open communication is central to our treatment philosophy, we always welcome any questions you have about your child’s oral health and actually encourage them.

We recognize every child is unique, so we customize each appointment based on your child’s age, needs and personality. During their appointment, we’ll examine your child’s teeth and mouth, taking digital X-rays, if needed. We typically provide guidance on oral hygiene habits to follow at home and will ask you how this is going at subsequent visits. If we notice your child suffers from tongue-tie or lip-tie, you don’t need to take them to another practice, because Dr. Jewel Landy has expertise in performing corrective procedures for these conditions. We also offer a full spectrum of orthodontics, including palatal expanders, traditional braces and clear aligners, which provides the convenience of treating your child’s smile needs, all under one roof!

Routine dental cleanings are an important part of maintaining your child’s oral health. Paired with regular brushing and flossing, professional cleanings by our gentle dental hygienist can help prevent plaque buildup, tooth decay and other issues. We recommend scheduling a dental cleaning every six months, after which Dr. Landy or Dr. Chirimuta will also perform an oral exam to ensure your child’s teeth and gums are healthy.

A dental sealant is a thin, protective coating that adheres to the chewing surface of molars. According to 2016 research, school-age children without sealants have almost three times as many cavities as children with sealants. We recommend applying sealants on first molars when they appear (around age 6), and on second molars at about age 12. The quick and painless process simply involves cleaning and drying the tooth, then applying a gel that enables the sealant to form a strong bond with the tooth. After a few seconds, we rinse off the gel, dry the tooth, apply the sealant onto the grooves of the tooth and use a special blue light to harden it. While sealants aren’t a substitute for following proper oral hygiene, they have been shown to reduce the risk of decay by nearly 80% in molars.

The lingual frenum (also known as the frenulum) is connective tissue that connects the tongue to the bottom of the mouth, while labial frenum connects the top lip to the gum area right above the front teeth. When the lingual frenum is too short, a baby can have problems nursing and later develop speech problems, which is why this problem is often referred to as “tongue-tie.” If the labial frenum is too tight, this can cause open mouth breathing, gum recession and a gap between the two front teeth. This condition is sometimes referred to as “lip-tie.” Frenectomy is a simple procedure performed with a topical anesthetic, in which the frenulum is severed and usually removed to create greater mobility. Dr. Landy has extensive experience treating lip-tie and tongue-tie in Hamilton, Bermuda with minimally invasive lasers.

Finding the Right Dentist for Your Child

If you’re searching for a compassionate children’s dentist in Hamilton, Bermuda who goes above and beyond to provide comfortable care, we welcome you to our practice. Whether your baby is coming for their first dental appointment or your preteen needs braces, we strive to deliver an experience that exceeds your expectations. You’ll discover a welcoming atmosphere, friendly and highly skilled dentists, and gentle support staff who truly care about you and your entire family. From convenient scheduling and routine care to advanced technology and emergency appointments, we’re proud to provide a full spectrum of dentistry under one roof for you and your child.

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