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Charles - crowns and bridges patient
"An Accident Took My Smile From Me, Now I'm A New Man!"

Four years ago, I got in an accident. I was going to work. I was working at Hamilton Princess. At first, I was going to see my daughter who was running at the Stadium, in Track and Field. But I never made it because I got in an accident on the Middle Ridge when I was going to work.

I woke in the hospital, two straight days in a coma or whatever. I never saw the person who hit me. My biggest frustration was looking in the mirror and everything was messed up. The face, with my teeth, I couldn’t smile properly. It took a very long time, a very long time. See, the first thing people would look at is your face. My mouth was really bad, so I knew I needed some dental work. I was just glad that they were able to take care of me, and so in my life, I’ll maybe get to smile again. I know I wanted to get my mouth sorted out because I like to smile. It was frustrating and it was hard at times in the world.

My biggest frustration was looking in the mirror and everything was messed up.

charles - crowns and bridges patient

Dr. Jewel Landy:

 It took us a lot of time because what we did for Mr. Fox, he was left with areas around his mouth that has no sensation. He was left with areas inside of his burn that were completely missing. We had to use a combination of crowns and bridges. Every single tooth in his mouth has either a crown or a bridge on it. When he walked out that day, he was a different man.


I didn’t know how she was going to get it done, but as you can see, she got it done. I’m glad she did. I love my smile. I felt like I was back. A brand new set of rails, everything and looking shiny, white, and all together. This is the best set of teeth for me in my life.

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