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Grace - dental patient
"Before Dr. Landy, I Didn't Have A Smile. Now I Can Smile With Confidence!"

Before I met Dr. Landy, I didn’t have a smile. I refuse to smile, as little as possible. But be that as it may, I had a pathological fear of dentists. I decided that since I was a librarian dealing with the public, I met Dr. Landy and I would give it a try. My first few visits were chaos. I was sweating, shaking, and feeling nauseous, but Dr. Landy was very patient. She didn’t say, “Now, you’re grown woman, buck up.” She just worked with me and gradually, I grew to just trust her. And now, my social life has improved, my diet has improved, and my overall feeling of self confidence has improved.

I’ve had a lot of work done on my mouth and consequently, a whole lot of procedures. Somewhat uncomfortable, some not uncomfortable at all.

I was sweating, shaking, and feeling nauseous, but Dr. Landy was very patient.

grace - multiple procedures

Dr. Jewel Landy:

Over the period of 2 years, Grace has one of the most involved treatment plans that we have done that has lasted for over 15 years. She has extractions, sinus lifts, and block bone grafting. Grace has implants. She has crowns and bridges and now she has self-confidence that’s carrying her through the last 15 years and beyond.


The staff is very friendly and very polite with questions or if you find a time that’s inconvenient and you want to change it, people literally bend over backwards to accommodate you. You have to trust, you have to give a little bit, you don’t know everything that’s going to happen but that’s true in just about everything in life. I feel that a dentist is just as important in a person’s life as a physician, as an internist, and as a surgeon. And when you go to those doctors, you put yourself in their hands.

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